Environmental and social impact can be measured and should be accounted for in corporate financial statements. Here’s why.

A number of global trends have converged to create an urgent need to recreate our economic system. What this new system will look like is still unclear.

We need to create more sustainable urban living areas if we want our planet to survive

Making use of Developmental Evaluation still requires measuring and quantifying data

Our first priority should always be to find affordable housing for the homeless. But we must also track data and share successes if we want our efforts to gain traction.

The Housing First initiative is an approach to homelessness that prioritizes providing permanent housing to homeless individuals, which allows them to pursue their goals and improve their quality of life. The program generally requires that individuals contribute 30% of their monthly income towards rent, with the rest being provided by rent subsidies. Unlike previous homelessness initiatives, Housing First is guided by the belief that people need basic necessities like food…

Fredericton — In a devastating blow to kindness and compassion, the City of Fredericton voted 6–5 against supporting a Housing First initiative, which would have provided $900K in municipal funding toward the purchase of the City Motel to house and care for the city’s homeless. This, despite the fact that Housing First initiatives have been proven to save taxpayers millions through a reduction in detox visits, hospital inpatient costs and incarcerations.

After a backlash from city residents who were largely in favour of the project, the six councillors who voted against it met in a private meeting Tuesday night to…

“We need the talent and insights of girls today to lead our businesses tomorrow. That’s why expanding educational opportunities for girls isn’t charity. It’s a smart investment in a stronger global economy and in our future.”

- Indra Nooyi, former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo.

For years, the gender equity movement has had to build a case to prove why gender parity is beneficial to communities, economies and to men. There should never have needed to be a case. Gender parity is happening and we don’t need to justify it, but we do need to support it.

Across the political…

If we want to move the needle forward on racial equality, we need responsible allyship from the corporate world.

New Brunswick — The Government of New Brunswick today announced that parts of the province will stay in the dreaded orange phase, also known by many as COVID-19 purgatory, for several weeks but residents can have a steady, exclusive 10-person bubble, which they are referring to as decouple (découple).

All ten members of the découple must agree to be exclusive, much like in a big, loving, monogamous relationship.

“I’m sure, as residents of this great province, many of you will understand these new rules,” stated Premier Higgs at a press briefing today. “Most of you have been brought up religious…

The phrase ‘build back better’ was used a lot in 2020. To actually do it though, we need a progressive social economy, one that leaves no one behind.

Jill Mersereau

Marketing Consultant, Writer, Athlete, Outdoor Enthusiast, & Adventurer

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